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Do you feel spiritually dead? Have you lost the faith, enthusiasm, and desire for God you once had? Are you about to give up on God, church, and everything spiritual?

There is a subtlety about backsliding that catches us off guard. Little by little, bit by bit, life’s issues eat away at the core of our spiritual lives until there is nothing left. Hence, we face disastrous consequences, and God seems very far away – even while we are sitting in the pews. Is there hope for recovery? Can you ever get back to where God wants you to be?

The Spiritual Autopsy of a Backslider is an inspiring, practical book that will touch your wandering heart and lead you back to God. Whether you are at the crossroads of indecision, on the verge of backsliding or if you have plunged head on back into sin, this book is for you. It cuts to the heart of the matter and confronts the real issues we face in our Christian lives.

The Spiritual Autopsy of a Backslider

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